Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day Two

Well, I'm not really done with day two yet but this will probably be my only time I have to blog about it. Today was a day where I've just been an emotional spark plug. I'm writing points and things down for my one person show I'm trying to put together and they have all been angry. And I started them yesterday, so I'm tempted to not write anymore until I'm done with this haha. My whole show will be me complaining and funny as it might become I still might end looking very whiny. Or people will just think I'm like the female Lewis Black, because it sounds like that too. I'll just have a disclaimer before saying, the first draft of this was written while I was fasting. But so far so good I guess. No significant weight loss to be happy about. I have to stay busy though otherwise I get crazy. I had a dream I was running from a Tsunami last night and I think that might be because of the salt water flush I have to do... But then again tsunami was a trending topic on twitter. I wonder if one happened? Cassandra Cardenes, not up on her events? Rare. Alright I'm going to go to an improv jam with some friends. We'll see how my scenes end up haha. First dude that labels me as a whiny girlfriend in a scene has another thing coming for sure.

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I challenge Lewis Black to a complain off. An attention starved, flaming gay guy will judge the contest.

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