Saturday, August 15, 2009

The 11th Annual Del Close Marathon

Taking place at three theaters in New York, taking a ton of the good performers from the UCB LA and stealing them off to New York for a weekend... This marathon has caused me so much grief... I WISH I WAS THERE. It runs ALL NIGHT and just seems like the most fun ever had... Fuck... Three straight days of delirious, sleep deprived, drunken improv!? Uhhh yes please!! Not to mention all the special classes that people are teaching that weekend. Every picture I look at makes it that much worse to be sitting here in LA. No good shows to watch here, sketch class was canceled because my teacher is gone, just... ugh. Next year, I will fucking be there because now I know it exists far enough in advance that I have no excuse not to be able to afford it. I think the performers that are still in LA are as upset as me... I just need to stay off Facebook and Twitter so that I don't see anymore pictures or anymore "I've slept 6 hours in 48 hours! DCM!" posts. Le sigh...

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Next year... at the 12th annual... Elizabeth and I will fucking be there... Just warning you now
body, mind, liver, and New York.

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