Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cassandra and Leigh Pajamarama!

My good friend Leigh and I have decided to work on a two person show that we're going to try to weasel into whatever theater will take us. We'll see how it goes... I'm attempting to write for it right now and well... I ended up on my blog. I have the Sex in the City movie on and had to put down my knitting in exchange for my laptop, but still that Mozilla icon is so much more appealing that the icon for Final Draft. Hmmm what to write about... I watched Paper Heart last night. Not as amazing as I expected, but I still recommend it. 500 days of Summer met my expectations and I recommend also. But nobody reads this yet... Oh well. Back to the two person show... It'll be a nice combination of "real time life" with sketches and videos. We'll change up the dialogue every month to keep it fresh and to keep doing it.

I'm also thinking I need to revisit my guitar and teach myself to play the damn thing and write some songs. Not serious songs, I have nothing serious to say. But fun parody or original silly songs. My most recent inspiration for this was watching Sarah Silverman perform her little "I love you more than..." song on stage. Obviously she isn't the only inspiration to bring music to my comedy, but hers was so cute. And I love her and her sense of humor. Similar to mine. I think... On that note, I feel like I'm done blogging. I'm breaking out the guitar. Meaning I'm pushing off writing material for Leigh and I's show even longer and focusing on my own personal projects. Typical me.

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I love you more than Jews love money

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