Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cassandra Loves The New York Knicks

So I'm going to try really hard this year to get into basketball because not unlike many other sports I sort of just listen to what my brother says occasionally to be mildly updated on what's going on. Then there is baseball that for the most part, I take it upon myself to know what's going on. SO the Lakers won the NBA Championship this past season and I felt like an idiot because I had no clue what was going on. This October, I will be Miss Basketball and follow it like I follow baseball. Maybe even more closely because, sorry Dodgers, but basketball is a bit more entertaining to watch the entire game without being on Facebook or cleaning my apartment at the same time. However, Lakers and Clippers fans annoy me so I'm going with what I see is the next best thing: The Knicks. This doesn't make sense to anyone but me, because The Knicks honestly didn't do that great last season and this upcoming season is rumored to be no exception for many different reasons BUT i'll explain why The Knicks are for me: (if I ever marry a Knicks fan and they ask how a Cali girl got into that team, I officially can't tell them some meanful story about it because I'm choosing to make my dumb and totally shallow reasoning public domain)

1.) probably the most important, LOTS OF HOT JEWISH GUYS IN NEW YORK. Also, lots of hot New York jewish guys that love basketball. In turn, another (amongst the many) thing that makes me more attractive to my future born into Judism but probably not super practicing Jewish Hilarious Tall husband that if he exsists I have yet to meet him.

2.) in picking a team other than the Lakers and Clippers, The Denver Nuggets popped into my mind because I did spend 11 yrs old my childhood in Colorado. But honestly... I like being in New York much more than being in Colorado. I'm perfectly content being one of those types who can only live in New York or Los Angeles because those two places are so different from the rest of the US. I've heard it descibed as "NYC and LA are like two bubbles connected by JetBlue and seperate from the world". So sorry childhood, but I'll root for the Broncos but that's about it...

3.) speaking of The Broncos: their colors are orange and blue and so are The Knicks! My dad LOVED the Broncos and they are my favorite football team, so those colors mean a lot.

4.) My brother thinks rooting for The Knicks is an AWFUL idea. That's a lot of incentive to continue rooting for this team because when they do come out and start being a super kick ass team (whenever that does eventually happen) I'll get such joy from being right in the end. Steve (my brother) seems to think it will require them to build a new stadium for The Knicks to play at outside of the middle of the city because Madison Square Garden is really really old. Along with that, he says The Knicks can't afford anyone decent and rich people in New York get taxed the most in the entire country so no rich basketball player wants to move there. Disagree all you want with all this because I do. I do simply because I'm so dead set on loving The Knicks, but maybe you know what he's talking about. And by "you" I mean nobody of course because I'm unaccomplished still and I present nobody any reason to read this blog. But hey, maybe someday someone who is super obsessed with me will spend a few hours on the internet and will watch and read everything I've ever done and skim through this...

So in conclusion, be prepared to see me in a blue and orange sweatshirt and rooting for my new favorite basketball team the New York Knicks haha!

Jewish boys mmmmm...

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