Monday, July 20, 2009

Headshots and heat waves

Nobody reads this, but if you happen to be a decent photographer in LA in the mood to do some simple FREE headshots, please contact me at I'm in desperate need of some quickly and would pay for some but since money is so tight I really don't want my agent to just see my new ones with my new hair then refer me to another photographer, which has happened before and is very frustrating...

ON THAT NOTE... It is insanely hot in the Valley. It has been for the past couple of weeks and honestly feel like I might melt before September arrives. I'm trying to think of some elaborate plan to somehow make it possible to move over the hill into actual Hollywood as soon and possible and take the heat down a few degrees. I think the only way that will be possible is teaming up with my lovely mother and sharing rent on some fabulous rental home in Los Feliz... with a pool. Dare to dream...

Soo yeah not much else to write about... I will recommend the movie Seeing Other People. I watched it yesterday on the Sundance Channel and it was pretty interesting. Jay Mohr and Andy Richter are in it. About two engaged people sleeping with other people before they get married and as you can guess that doesn't work. Anddd.... I'll post this video because Stella is amazing and my last post was going on about David Wain:

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