Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Two Liner Blog

So I'm unemployed. Well that's a lie, I have a job. But it's not acting or writing or anything that I'd like to spend all my time doing. Let me just start over. I don't write for a talk show. I'd like to, but I don't. Maybe someday. But I like to write two liners. So I'm starting a second blog just for those.

the URL and title is a little lame but whatever, it works for now. I'll try to post new ones at least every weekday. I'm sure there won't be anymore people looking at that blog then this one. But if you ever want to read some jokes on the news, now you know where to go. Don't steal my shit though, I'll cry. Who knows about the quality of the jokes though, because with my experience with two liners, I sometimes write some that don't make a lot of sense to anyone but me. Oh well though. On that note:

I tried, tumblr and wordpress and all that other shit before just seeing that I could add a new blog onto this website using the same log on info and what not. Brilliant right? It was a pain, I didn't understand the other websites. I was lost and confused without blogspot. Blogspot took me a really long time to figure out too though. Don't ask why, I'm just a bit stupid.

I wonder how many blogs are out there like mine that aren't really read by anyone... Like I know a few people who stumble by mine, but what about blogs that literally NOBODY reads. Like people start them but don't tell anyone about them or put up links to it anywhere. They just go and write to nothing. I want to read those blogs. Blogs about people just talking about their days. People treating their blog like a diary. I don't think I could do that because isn't one of the big things about a diary or journalling that other people can't read it? A diary is something to burn ex's in. I couldn't write about my ex on here. He could easily find this thing. Also it wouldn't be very funny because I don't have a lot of bad things to say. OR DO I? You'll never know internet or ex who by insane chance is reading this right now! and you know why? Yeah you do, it's because this isn't my diary.

I sort of want to hunt down some diary blogs and then post the good things I find on here... would that be fucked up? I wouldn't link it to them or use their names just copy and paste... I think I might do it... It might be fucked up though. Whatever this isn't facebook or some popular shit like that, it's my blog that's been looked at by like 15 people. Until I find any sweet and miserable blog posts though, I'll just draw your attention to this sweet picture I found that I think I might use at the end of my videos with my production company's name over it. HA! My production company, as if I spend any money producing the shit that I do. But it does make me sound a little more bad ass.

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I assume from our outfits that we are talking about something intriguing. To bad we'll never be taken seriously in these dog faces!

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