Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Soooo I was driving home after work when I was hit with loads of inspiration and after 4 crazy voice notes on my phone, and shoving a sketch in Leigh's face, Pajamarama is back on. Hardcore this time though we made like all the websites and shit... which I guess makes things official? So here they are:

and I think we made a facebook fan page which I thought was a bit much but Leigh insisted we do it since we already made all the other ones. So uhhh I mean I guess since we have all the websites we have to start posting shit all the time. I personally think my blog got more interesting once I had videos up so I'm pretty stoked.

All that aside I'd like to return to the thing I was talking about with my 4 crazy voice notes. Why is it that when I was talking into my phone I pretended like I was John Malkovich. I think it was because he was trying to write memoirs in "Burn After Reading" but still, it's a weird feeling being John Malkovich. Also, not an easy voice to imitate. It would always start good but then somehow turn French. It was weird... Well it's 1:15AM sooo back to watching Metalocalypse. A show that I was not really into but since I can never get to sleep early anymore and watch Adult Swim every night, except Saturday when they play anime, it's grown on me... In case anyone fucking cares haha.

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"Yeah, I'm John Malkovich and I'm pretty brutal. Oui Oui." I KNEW YOU WERE FRENCH!

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