Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh no Coco!

TMZ reported that NBC has FINALLY reached a decision and have gone in favor of their bottom bitch Leno and givin him back the slot at 11:35PM. Rightfully in response Conan is peacing out and not only giving Jay 30 min, but the whole hour back. He thought if NBC let Leno go back to 11:35 and pushed him to 12:05 and Fallon to 1:05 that it wasn't fair to himself or Jimmy. Which is right, it wouldn't have been fair at all. Poor Carson is hardly ever mentioned in any of this haha. But I go to bed after Fallon so I can't really act like I care. This whole thing has been on my mind more then someone who doesn't work for these programs would normally, but I can't help it because I would really really LOVE to work for these programs. So in a pathetic way, I feel like it effects me. But it does really suck for the people that do work for him. I don't know if Conan even recorded a show today, I'll find out in about 20 min when it starts... It also mattered too because I really like Conan's show. Like I honestly don't care what network Conan is on, I just want Conan on. I'll watch him no matter where he goes to be honest. He said in his monologue yesterday that a TV guide poll said something like 85% of people want him to keep the Tonight Show. Guess that doesn't matter to NBC. I'm sure Leno doesn't want to look like the bad guy in all this but I mean... It's kinda hard for him not to. I mean no matter what your story is, by you allowing all these talks to happen, you are pretty much saying it wouldn't bother you to push back the late night lineup 30 min and you don't care if Conan O' Brien quits completely. You want to stay on television that badly. His 10PM show failed and he can't just return to his multi million dollar home, and live the rest of his life as a retired millionaire television star. I get it, Leno is a workaholic but I mean... He has no pride to just let the 10PM show go and try something else instead of put Conan and his staff out of work. Most of them moved their whole families across the country to continue to work on Conan's show and now what do they do? Pray to God Conan goes to Fox I guess. If Leno cared about being the bad guy he'd just become a producer or some shit or start a new show he hosted or something. Anything but returning to his old time slot. In Jay's monologues he does on his 10pm show he makes it sound like NBC cancelled him as the Tonight Show host even though his ratings were good. Well no shit your ratings were good, you'd been the host for over 10 years and this was your last season, and I don't think NBC was canceling anything people had known Conan was going to come in as the Tonight Show host like 4 years before it happened. Jay Leno is like the Brett Farve of Late night hosts except Brett Farve's stints in and out of retirement weren't putting a shit ton of people out of work until their boss hopefully gets a good enough offer from another network.

Yeah... I don't know that wasn't supposed to be funny obviously, it's just been on my mind and really had me pissed off.


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In my blog's fashion I have to post an image of the person or people I'm talking about looking kinda sexy and DON'T YOU FUCKING ACT LIKE CONAN DOESN'T LOOK A LITTLE SEXY WITH A BEARD... you know he does, I know he does, WE ALL KNOW HE DOES.

Oh wait... I'm about to find out if Conan is a repeat right now......... It looks like one... He looks happy and not a little drunk..... Oh shit... this might be new people have Team Conan shirts on. Yeah I think this is new... Thank God.

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