Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back home in LA, Happy 2010!

WOO! I was gone for what felt like FOREVER!!! With no wireless either. But everyone needs to fall off the face of the earth for a couple weeks every now and then so it was fun. I think I fell in love. And by that I mean I became infatuated with someone. No joke. It was cool until I left, now it's just been depressing. If I actually fell in love I'd probably still be in CO. Wait this has nothing to do with comedy... Yuck what is wrong with me! Alright so plans for 2010? Ummm.... Leigh and Cass Pajamarama are actually going to start doing things which is exciting ( and uhhh... Well I have a few live shows coming up which means nothing to anyone who doesn't live in LA. Since I'm back in town with internet my two liner blog is going to be up to date again which is cool... ( Yeah I've really got nothing. I think 2010 is just going to be a good continuation of everything 2009 was and that's cool with me because 2009 ended up to be a great year for me. In other news, there is a cable man in my bedroom right now installing a DVR box. That to me is the best part of 2010 so far. Well and the guy I fell in lust with, but I'm trying not to talk about how cute and amazing he is.... Le sigh. I'll leave you with a funny video... I just can't decide which one yet.... I'll post something by DERRICK because they are just sooo funny. Oh and you should download Childish Gambino's mixtape I Am Just A Rapper. It's Donald Glover from DERRICK and Community on NBC and I think it's pretty darn good :] I'd post a link but ummm... Just find Donald Glover's website, I guarantee it won't take you that long. What's my favorite songs from it you ask? Well if you must know it's either 49ers (orange shirt) that has DC Pierson (also in DERRICK) or it's I Love Clothes (Deadbeat Summer). Thanks for asking. Okay love you.

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